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10 safety tips for riding your bike in the city

Riding your bike everyday instead of the car is a wise decision that not only helps to decrease the levels of smoke in the city, but it’s also healthier for everybody. However, do not forget that there are other vehicles on the road, that could endanger your safety. The cyclist will always be the most vulnerable and fragile vehicle in the road, and any mistake can have a tragic ending. We want to recommend you to follow these advises; your life is at stake. Safety tips to ride your bike in the city 1. The basic: always wear a helmet and check your bike before starting your ride. Make sure that the wheels are well adjusted, that they have the right pressure, that the saddle is ok etc. 2. Make yourself visible: always wear striking colours. Or even better, wear a reflective vest. Lights are a most, even if you are riding under daylight (white light at the front, red at the back). 3. Ride safely, at any time: try to be predictible for the rest of the drivers , and do not manouver in an abrupt or unexpected way. 4. Be careful with the doors of the cars that are parked at the side. It may sound unfair, but many timess we need to predict the movements of those clueless drivers, so it’s recomendable to drive slowly and pay attention that there is nobody inside of the car who may be opening a door as we ride by. Keep your safety-distance. 5. Always make everybody aware of your movements. You can make a gesture with your left or right arm depending...

Berlin Marathon – A race full of records

Berlin has so much to offer to its visitors, that they would never get tired of walking its streets and learning about such an important city. Running the Berlin Marathon is a pleasure for the senses and will become, without any doubt, an unforgettable experience for any runner that takes part in it. Berlin Marathon – visiting the city from a totally different perspective Although the course changes often, for the last few editions the departure is set underneath Victory Column, behind Brandenburg Gate. This column, built in 1864, is crowned by a golden statue of the goddess Niké, considered the representation of victory and justice. Therefore, starting the marathon on this exact spot, becomes something very symbolic for the runners. Along the 42,195 metres of the marathon, we will run across the streets of Berlin, and therefore, the history of this city. The course, as it is set for 2016, will take us to places such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Cathedral, Alexander Platz, the Reichstag and Kaiser Wilhelm church, among many others. The finish line is currently set at Branderburg Gate, it was crossed for the first on 1990, after the reunification of Germany. Not only you will be amazed by Berlin’s architecture and monuments, but you will feed the support of the Germans, who will be following the event and supporting all the competitors, creating a party atmosphere where also many music bands will give a note of colour to the race. Berlin Marathon in numbers The first Berlin Marathon took place in 1974, when Germany was still divided, and 244 people participated. 41 years later,...


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