Jogging safely with your Baby

Jogging safely with your Baby

Jogging with your baby can be harmful if you are not using a properly designed jogger.

What is Different About Joggers?

Larger tires, better shock absorption, a five-point harness, and a reclined seat angle are among the many features that separate jogging strollers from traditional ones, making them perfect for active pursuits.

 Larger pneumatic (air-filled) tires

A jogger typically has 16″ or larger diameter wheels in the rear, and 12″ or larger in the front (double the diameter of many traditional strollers). These larger wheels roll over bumps easier, and transmit less stress to baby. The air-filled tires reduce the impact of bumps, taking some of the shock out. The large wheels also offer reduced rolling resistance, so your long runs involve less pushing effort.

Effective suspension systems

A jogger will include some kind of shock absorber system to further take the stress out of bumps in the road.

Locking straight-running front wheel

You would never know it unless you tried it, but if you try to jog with a traditional stroller, or even a properly designed jogger with the front wheel unlocked, you may find the front wheel(s) start wobbling dangerously. This creates strong vibrations and makes jogging uncomfortable. At worst, it can result in the wheels turning so sharply that the jogger tips over, a serious risk to baby. All joggers provide the ability to fully lock the front wheel, and the best allow tuning the front lock position for perfectly straight and true running. Joggers designed for serious runners rely on a fixed front wheel that is perfectly straight. While this means you must turn by pushing down on the handlebar and lifting the front wheel slightly off the ground, this is easy to do in practice when jogging or running.

Long distance between wheels

Joggers push forward the front wheel from baby’s center of gravity. This allows the front wheel to bounce up/down more freely in the event of a bump in the road with less stress transmitted to baby.

Reclined seat angle

Compared to traditional stroller seat angles, a jogger is a bit more reclined in its most upright position. This is again related to reducing stress on baby, since the impact of shocks are spread over a bigger reclined surface area (across baby’s head, back and butt), rather than straight up the spinal column front the seat.

A jogger is a long-term investment in your health and mental well-being, and paid for by the money you’ll save by not having to have childcare while you exercise. It is a form of exercise you can share with your baby, most babies love to go jogging with Mom or Dad.


Another Safety Tip

When you run with your baby you are more vulnerable, so wearing an ID bracelet is a good idea. In case of an accident first responders will know how you are and whom to contact.



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