Summer camps: Getting Ready

Summer camps: Getting Ready

The D Day is approaching: the summer camps have been chosen and the children are counting the days off from the calendar and you are starting to get a bit anxious again.  Your problems are far from being over, and now is the time when you wonder, how do I pack? What is necessary and what is not? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

First things first: the essentials for summer camps.

It is very likely that the organizers of the camp have already sent you a list with all the information about what you must and must not pack in the suitcase. If this is not the case, or the list was not very complete, we would like to propose a number of items that you cannot forget.

Don't overload your kid's backpack with stuff for summer camps

Don’t overload your kid’s backpack with stuff for summer camps

First of all, regarding clothing, please use common sense. Both the kind of clothes and the amount will depend on where the summer camps will be taking place at, its length, the activities and the weather, among many others. Find out if the summer camp has a laundry service and don’t load up your children with stuff. Among the things that you should keep in mind when packing, please add a pair of hats or baseball caps, one or two pyjamas, a bath towel as well as another one for the beach/swimming pool, flip flops, sports shoes and hiking boots. Avoid getting brand new boots, and make your children wear them before going to the camp, so that the new shoes can adapt to the shape of their feet.

Furthermore, please make sure that you add name tags to the clothing so that you can avoid losing anything. According to the type of summer camps, it may be necessary to bring his own sleeping bag and a floor map, and of course a flashlight. However, and as we previously mentioned, better if you reach the summer camp organizers, so that you can avoid surprises.

During summer camps, your kids’ safety comes first.

Reach the summer camps organizers in case they have a list of things you should include in the backpack

Reach the summer camps organizers in case they have a list of things you should include in the backpack

We are pretty sure that you do already have the essentials under control, but what you are really worried about is your children’s safety. Not only this is a sensitive issue, but we do also want to be certain that we are not forgetting anything. Of course there will be a first-aid kit with all the items necessary in case of an emergency, so betadine, gauzes or hydrogen peroxide are not necessary, they already have it. However, maybe it’s a good idea to give them a few Band-Aids, so that they can be self-sufficient in case they have any issue.

On the other hand, items like sunscreen, after sun, mosquito repellent and lip balm are very important and together with them, to remind your children to use them (we know how “absent-minded” they can be).

We understand that the idea of not knowing what they will be doing at any moment is already freaking you out. However, there is a really easy way to make sure that they are protected at all time with a Safesport ID bracelet. You can engrave their names, age and your phone numbers, but also very relevant information as if they are taking any medicine or have any illness (such as diabetes), if they have an allergy or any other information you consider important to be known in case of an emergency

Safesport ID is a must not only for summer camps, but everyday

If something happens, the instructors will already have all the information in the spot, without needing to waste any time looking for it in a directory. If you don’t want to give them a smartphone to use (it is important for them to be de-attached from the screen for a few days) a bracelet with their information is basic in the suitcase.

You can order your bracelet here, and it will arrive at your house in only 6 days. What are you waiting for?



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