Nutrition for triathletes

Nutrition for triathletes

Are you training for a triathlon? If this is the case, keep in mind that not only you need to train your body but also you need to adapt your diet in order to get ready for such an important event, so that you can get the best of your training sessions. This is the reason why we are offering 5 nutrition tips that you cannot ignore.

Receive a proper nutrition by having a good breakfast

Training well is impossible without a good breakfast

Feeding your body correctly is vital. It’s possible that, if you feel tired often, it will be because of a lack of calories in your body and not because of your training sessions. Very often, because we are afraid of gaining weight, we are not feeding ourselves appropriately, but many experts recommend to ingest around 800-1000 during the breakfast. However, don’t eat them all at one time, and divide them, for example: before training, during the session and once you finished. If your training sessions are improving, and you recover easily, you will know that you are taking care of your nutrition correctly.

Fruits and vegetables are your best friends

They look delicious right?

Include more vegetables in your diet. Besides containing essential nutrients for your body, they will provide a good amount of fibre, very important for your training sessions. Furthermore, they will help you recover once you finish your training.

As you already know, carbs are the main providers of energy for your body. However, these carbs must be of good quality, so before starting to eat sugar, remember that grains and vegetables are an important source of carbs. You will find a good amount of articles online about which amounts and percentages are better: our advice is for you to visit an expert, as he/she will give you better nutrition advice depending on many different elements such as your weigh, age, the intensity of your training etc.

Keeping yourself hydrated

Nutrición e hidratación

Water is vital for a good nutrition

All these tips about nutrition are useless if they are not complemented with a good hydratation. We cannot give you an amount of how much liquid you should drink every day, as it will depend on many different personal factors. It’s better if you try by yourself where the ideal level is and, in case you feel tired or with nausea, the answer is clear: drink more water.

The D day

Never stop fueling your body

Time to wake up: have breakfast 2 or 3 hours before the beginning of the race. Avoid fat and fibre, as they can give you gastrointestinal problems during the day and that is the last thing we want, obviously. Instead, make sure you are getting enough carbs, before during the race, and also mineral salts.

Post triathlon recovery

It is the moment to recover after such an intense exercise, and help your body get back to homeostasis. Once you finish the triathlon, start ingesting calories, little by little and continuously. This is also the moment to increase fat intake, but as we mentioned earlier, the good one. Don’t mistreat your body!


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