Transalpine Run – Running across borders

Transalpine Run – Running across borders

Are you an Ultra Distance Marathon lover? Would you be able to run one marathon per day during a week? If the idea of running 251 kilometres in 7 days sounds well for you, the Transalpine Run is perfect for you.

Transalpine Run map

Transalpine Run map

What makes Transalpine Run so special?

The Transalpine Run is a sporting event that any marathon fan must know. This race will not only test your endurance, but it will give you the opportunity to admire, along its 7 stages, the stunning Alps landscape.

Departing from Germany, the Transalpine will make us cross the Alps through Austria to end up in Italy. By the end of the last stage, you will have covered 251,30 kilometres and tackled 15,135 metres of elevation. Furthermore, the new route specially designed for 2016 will bring the competitors to the first stage in a glacier, to visit the Dolomites and experience new paths, with the highest finish line ever in the history Transalpine Run.

Do you imagine running across the Dolomites? In the Transalpine Run you can!

However, if the idea of running through these stunning natural treasures is not reason enough for you to register for the Transalpine Run, maybe you will be interested in knowing more about one of the most important facts that make this race so special. As such an experience is better when shared, the registration is open only for couples, and not for individuals. Therefore, you will need to team up with somebody and enter the competition in one of this 8 different categories: Men, Female, Mixed and Senior (over 50 years old) for Men and Female.

Furthermore, the organizers have put a lot of attention to one key element: keeping the motivation of the contestants high. Every night, at the arrival, a pasta-party will take place, followed by the projection of the best videos and pictures of the day. Besides all this, in some stages the runners will be given the chance of accessing spas and swimming pools.


Transalpine Run will take you to places you have never met before

The Transalpine Run in numbers

Transalpine Run 2016 will be the 11th edition of the event, and probably, the one that will attract more runners. On 2015 300 couples participated in the Transalpine Run, from 33 different countries.

Hundreds of volunteers collaborate every year in the Transalpine Run, and they will be all over the place, every day. At the end of the event, it’s possible that they will have become friends with the competitors, which helps to create the “family feeling” that is very characteristic for this race.


And now the question is: how much does it cost? Every couple must pay a total registration fee of 1500 euros. Upon your arrival you will receive a race bib, a T-shirt and a Salomon backpack  with a capacity of 100 litres, which will also serve for taking your luggage from one point of the race to the next one.

If you are crazy for big challenges, maybe you are still on time to register for the Transalpine Run (but find somebody to team up with). The race will take place from the 4th to the 10th of September on 2016, and if you are already registered for this year, well, we want to know you! Reach us on and we will offer you a 50% discount on your bracelet. If you have already participated in previous years, reach us as well, we would love to know your story!



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