Warranty - SafesportID


Money-Back Guarantee:

If you are not fully satisfied with your Safesport id when you receive it, you can return it within 15 days and you will be refunded (shipping cost not included). 

Faulty or wrong item:

If the item you received is faulty or if we accidently send you a wrong item, we will immediately send you a new one at no charge.

Worn out product:
1 year warranty on stainless steel ID tags:

If over time your ID tag has lost readability, send us a picture and we will send you a new one with the exact same engraving. If the deterioration is due to deep scratches that do not occur under normal use, please understand that we cannot assume the full cost of the replacement. In these cases, we will offer a special discount for your new ID tag. 

6 months warranty on the silicone bracelets (Neo clip not included):

Our silicone bracelets are very durable and don't break if used correctly. Still, we offer a 6 month warranty agains breakage. Outside this period you can buy a new one at a very attractive price in our replacements section.