Replacements for Safesport ID bracelets - SafesportID


Please select the SafesportID you need a replacement for. Make sure you choose the right model.
Any questions? Contact us.

Replacements for the old Mini and Pro SafesportID are no longer available (bracelets ordered before September 2016) We are here to help, contact us.

The SafesportID bracelet may save your life one day

All your vital information at hand

In case of accident, emergency services may identify you, contact your family, know any allergies or diseases you may have or medication you are taking.

Your emergency information securely stored and available 24/7.

In your Online Emergency Profile you can include any medical and contact information as well as the steps to follow in case of emergency.

Worldwide access! The codes written on your bracelet provide immediate access to your Profile from any location.

SafesportID satisfied users around the world