Quebrantahuesos – A must for all the bike lovers

Quebrantahuesos –  A must for all the bike lovers

Inspired in the bird of prey that lives in the spanish Pyrenees, the Quebrantahuesos is a must for all the bike lovers. Along its 200 kilometres, we will enjoy  the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees but we will also suffer along its four mountain ports, among which we can find the Marie Blanque, a regular at Tour de France.


Quebrantahuesos is one of the most important cyclotourist rides in Spain. With the departure an the arrival located at Sabiñánigo, Huesca, the riders in this non-competitive race will have the chance to share its 200 kilometres together with thousands of cyclists from all over the world.


Quebrantahuesos is not only the name of a race, but also the name of one of the fiercests birds, the bearded vulture and the cyclotourist ride honours its name and will test the most experienced ciclysts with an itinerary in which the participants will find a total of 4 mountain ports such as the Marie Blanque (a regular at Tour de France) and the Portalet. The registration is open for everybody, from professionals to amateurs, although the slots are always chosed by drawing lots.

Departure of Quebrantahuesos

Departure of Quebrantahuesos

Quebrantahuesos: much more than a cyclotourist ride


This cyclotourist ride started thanks to Peña Ciclista Edelweiss, a club from Saniñánigo. However, and as Quebrantahuesos was not enough for the organizers, 13 years ago they gave birth to Treparriscos, Quebrantahuesos’ little sister. Treparriscos is a 85 kilometres-long ride for those who prefer a shorter and more relaxed itinerary. Treparriscos, as Quebrantahuesos, receives its name from a bird that lives in the spanish Pyrenees, the wallcreeper, smaller than the bearded vulture.


Quebrantahuesos is not only a cyclotourist ride but also the opportunity for many organizations to show their projects, specially those regarding the environment. This year, for the first time, they showed the project “Nengo Dango” which goal is the reforestation of the area. The Nengo Dango are small clay and seeds balls made by the kids from the local school, that the riders can throw along the itinerary, helping with the reforestation of the area while enjoying the ride.


Furthermore, the participants are in charge of choosing the maillot for the cyclotourist ride every year, which will be included afterwards in the rider’s bag.

The stunning landscape of Quebrantahuesos will surprise you

The stunning landscape of Quebrantahuesos will surprise you

Quebrantahuesos in numbers


More than 11.000 ciclysts participated in the cyclotourist ride this year, riders coming from 29 different countries. Furthermore, more than 1.000 volunteers and 1.400 workers distributed 30.000 litres of water, 27.000 of sport drink and 9.000 litres of fruit. There is no doubt: there is going to be cyclotourist rides for a long rime at the spanish Pyrenees.

The next Quebrantahuesos has a date already: June 18th, 2017 and you can be updated about all the information regarding this race on their website or also on social media: Facebook, Twitter (they become Trending Topic every year during the race) and Instagram and Youtube for the most stunning images of this cyclotourist ride.

Images from Quebrantahuesos 2015

Images from Quebrantahuesos 2015

Participating in such an event is not something available for everybody, and a lot of previous training is necessary. Both during the trainings and during the ride day, we recommend you to always wear a Safesport ID bracelet with your information, as in case of an emergency this will make the job of the medical services easier.


See you in Sabiñánigo!


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