Bike, 5 important safety tips

Bike, 5 important safety tips

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro: when it comes to your bike and training sessions there are certain things that you can never ignore. As it is always good to refresh the memory, let’s go through the 5 most important safety tips for the bike.

Use the proper equipment

Don't forget your glasses

Don’t forget your glasses

There are some elements that any cyclist must invest some money in, and that are basic for cycling:

  • A helmet: make sure that it is the right size, light and well ventilated, and make sure that you are using it in the appropriate way.
  • Sport sunglasses: not only to protect your eyes from the solar radiation, but also from getting dry and to keep them safe from any impact (insects, sand…) that can cause you an injury. Try to choose a pair of sunglasses whose lenses are exchangeable, so that you can adapt to different light, as using a pair of dark sunglasses at sunset can be really dangerous.
  • Cycling shoes that you can hook to the pedal: also known as cleats. Check that it is correctly adjusted, and that it’s not too soft or hard.
  • Use comfortable clothes: you are going to spend a lot of hours on your bike.


Check your bike before starting

Checking your bike shouldn't take much time and can save your life

Checking your bike shouldn’t take much time and can save your life

Your bike does also need to be checked often, so the beginning of the training session can be a perfect moment for this. These are the most important elements you need to review:

  • The tyres: there is nothing more dangerous than riding with a deteriorated tyre.
  • Tyre’s pressure: check that the pressure is the correct as per the manufacturer indications.
  • Check that the wheels are correctly set and centred.
  • Breaks: you may think that this is unnecessary, but check your breaks often. In case there are any issues with them, you can have an accident.
  • Check also the bike’s chain and gearshift.


Train with somebody else as much as you can

Better with more people than alone, always

Better with more people than alone, always

It’s important to train with another person, or as part of a group better. Not only you won’t be alone in case you have any problems, but you will also be more visible in the road and, therefore, less vulnerable


Make yourself visible

Make yourself visible

Good lighting, cycling with a group of people and the appropriate protection

A driver that is not paying attention to the road can change your life in a second. Make sure you do everything you can to be visible.

  • Always use colourful and reflective clothes
  • Use the front and rear light, even during day


Use a Safesport ID bracelet to be identified

Be protected while you train

Be protected while you train

If you have an accident while you are on your bike, using a Safesport ID bracelet guarantees that the emergency services will have all the information necessary, and that your loved ones will be notified immediately. More information about our bracelets here.

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