Antarctica Cycling Expeditions

Antarctica Cycling Expeditions

The recent development of Fatbikes opened a new era on Antarctica history. A few mad men and women have already conquest the South Pole riding a bike and more will follow soon.

These are the adventurers that have tried get there on wheels so far:

Helen Skelton (UK, 1983)
Helen is a television presenter and actress. In 2012, she became the first person to reach the South Pole using a bicycle. The bike was custom built for her trip, with 8-inch-wide tyres. She also used skis and a kite to help her pull a sled containing 82 kg of supplies. She covered 329 miles by kite ski, 103 by bike and 69 by cross-country ski.

Eric Larsen (USA, 1971)
Eric Larsen is Polar adventurer known for his expeditions to the North Pole, South Pole, and Mount Everest. In December 2012 made the first attempt to do an expedition solely by bicycle to the South Pole. After covering 175 miles, one quarter of the distance to the South Pole, Larsen abandoned his attempt and biked 160 miles back to Patriot Hills

Maria Leijerstam (UK, 1978)
On 27 December 2013 Leijerstam became the first person to cycle from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Leijerstam’s achievement was criticized for excessive motorized support. She had a team truck carrying her gear and allowing her to rest in the warm truck.

Juan Menendez Granados (Spain)
Juan started his bicycle and ski expedition at Hercules Inlet in December 2013 and finish on January 17, 2014. Juan traveled the full distance without any resupplies. Burton claims that Juan rode his bike less than 120 of the 750 miles to the South Pole.

Daniel Burton (USA, 1963)
Burton’s South Pole Epic is the first full bike expedition to the South Pole. Burton was solo but had three resupplies of food along the route. Burton traveled the full distance pedaling or pushing his bike.


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