Els 2900 – Crowning 7 Andorran mountains in one race

Els 2900 – Crowning 7 Andorran mountains in one race

Do you imagine a race where you have to crown the 7 highest mountains of Andorra? This is the idea that gave brith to Els 2900, a race that offers the possibility to enjoy a trail race in one of the most beautiful plces in Europe.

Despite being quite a “young” race, Els 2900 has managed to make its own space in the club of the most important trail races. But, how was born this itinerary, which in just 2 years has becom one of the most impressive ones in the world? Here’s the story:

Els 2900 was borned thanks to the initiative of two people who one day, decided that they wanted to go over the 7 Andorran summits that were higher than 2900 metres. Those two pioneers, Matt Lefort and Carles Rossell, quickly realized that this itinerary deserved to become a race, so they decided to get to work.

Els 2900 nos llevará a recorrer los mejores paisajes de Andorra

Els 2900 will take us to the most beautiful and extreme places in Andorra

Els 2900 is a race only for the chosen ones

In 2014 appeared for the first time in the race calendar, with what its creators called the “Edition 0”, a test edition with test runners that was a success. In 2015 the first edition of Els 2900 took place, but the registration was not open for everybody: the 50 participants that would enjoy this itinerary would be chosen by the organization regarding a dossier.

Els 2900 is not for everybody: according to the organizers’ definition of the race: “it’s the toughest and most technical itinerary currently”. Starting from Refugio del Estany de la Pera, the race will take us to crown the 7 highest peaks of Andorra, sharing this adventure with other runners, as well as all the events surrounding this race.

It’s not fortuitous that the creators of this race define it as a very hard and technical race: its itinerary includes vias ferratas and ropes, and 6700 metres of vertical descent.

Els 2900 celebrará su segunda edición este año

The second edition of Els 2900 will take place this year

Despite being a young race, Els 2900 is very ambitious.

It’s difficult to talk about records yet, as the race is relatively new, but so that you can get a better idea, in 2015 the best time in the male category was 14 hours y 48 minutes by Jokin Lizeaga and 21 hours 51 minutes for Sonia Regueiro Rodríguez in the female category.

Besides the 50 chosen participants that take part in this race, Els 2900 also has the collaboration of 70 volunteers that, among many other things, also clean up the whole itinerary once the race is over. The organizers of Els 2900 are really aware that without a clean mountain, our race wouldn’t survive, and that is the reason why they pay close attention to clean up all the garbage.

Els 2900 will make us by in the mountain and partly isolated for a long time, and that is not easy. That is the reason why they understand that safety measures such as Safesport ID, as thanks to Safesport ID they can have extra information about all the participants in case it is necessary.

It’s one of the youngest trail races, but it’s clear that Els 2900 is here to stay and the organizers are more convinced of the potential of this race, so they are planning to do substantial modifications for the 2017 edition.

At this moment, it’s time to think about the 2016 edition, that will take place on October 8th, 2016.

You can follow everything related to Els 2900 on their website página web as well as on their  Facebook and Twitter profiles.


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