Trail – 10 races you should run at least once in your life

Trail – 10 races you should run at least once in your life

Today we are talking about 10 races that will take you to the most inhospitable places in the world, from going through deserts, to traverse islands and circle mountains, always accompanied by extreme temperatures. These races are only for hardcore-trail lovers. Have you participated in any of these 10 races? If so, tell us your experience in the comments!

10 trail races that will test your limitations

  1. Ultra Trail del Mont Blanc: UTMB is one of the most famous events in the world. During the week of the UTMB, 5 events take place at the same time at Mont Blanc, gathring more than 7.000 people in the highest mountain in Europe. If you hadn’t make it to the race, you can always follow it live from their website.
Si no puedes participar en el trail de UTMB , al menos podrás seguirla en su web en directo

Si no puedes participar en el trail de UTMB , al menos podrás seguirla en su web en directo

  1. Tor des Geants: Tor des Geants will take us to surround the “4 giants” at Val d’Aosta, the Italian Alps. These giants (or “geants”) sill take us surround the mountainside of the Montblanc, Grand Paradiso, Monte Rosso and Cervino, and in order to win you will need to avoid sleeping: winners tend to end the course in 3 days, although the organizers will give you 6 days to go through its 330 kilometres. Tor des Geants is not a challenge for everybody, and many people can spend years trying to get a slot.
  1. Kima Trophy: also in Italy, the Kima Trophy takes place in Val Masino, north of the country. Kima Trophy is a biannunal race with a 52 kilometres itinerary and 4200 metres of vertical drop. Kima Trophy is also a pioneer in skyrunning races.
Quizá puedas medirte contra Kilian Jornet, habitual de este trail

Quizá puedas medirte contra Kilian Jornet, habitual de este trail

  1. Zegama: we travel now to  Zegama at Basque Country in Spain, to talk about the homonymous race. Despite being a really tough itinerary, the runners will feel the warmth of the people from Zegama. This small town in the north of Spain becomes the epicentre of world trail running for a few days every year, as not only we will be racing against other runners like us, but also against the best trail runners in the world.
  1. Els 2900: is one of the youngest races in this list, but nonetheless it has become one of the most impressive in the world. At Els 2900 we will go through the 7 highest peaks in Andorra, being all of them higher than 2.900 metres. However, this race is only open for 50 participants that are chosen regarding a dossier. Are you interested about this race? You can learn more about it here.

La participación en el trail de Els2900 está abierta solo para unos pocos seleccionados

  1. Transvulcania: the Transvulcania is an ultra marathon that goes through Palma, in the Canary Islands, and it’s open to anybody that wants to participate in this challenge. Althought the ultra marathon is not the only event at Transvulcania, it’s the toughest one. Its 72 kilometres itinerary, with 8.525 metres of vertical drop will invite us to discover the most impressive landscapes of this vulcanic island.
  1. Grand Raid Reunion: again an island, this time La Reunion in Africa. La Reunion habitants are passioned about trail (many compare their passion towards trail to the passion brazilians feel towards football) and they love to participate in this race, having the tradition of doing it at least once in their lifes. The Grand Raid Reunion will make us go through extreme temperatures and humidity, as we go over this island admiring the vulcanoes and its remote landscapes.
Participar en el Raid de Reunion es tradición entre los habitantes de la isla, muy aficionados al trail

Participating at the Grand Raid Reunion is a tradition for the Réuninese

  1. Leadville100miles: Leadville100miles is very popular in America. The “Race across the sky” passes across the rocky mountains in Leadville, Colorado. The participants will face this 160.9 kilometres race accompanied by exreme weather in a savage and inhospitable itinerary. Participating in Leadville100miles means to do it in one of the most historic races in America, as it was one of the first ultra-distance races in the US.
  1. Badwater Ultra Marathon: another historic event in the US. At Badwater 135 miles we will start the race at  86 under the level of the sea, and end the race at 2.548 metres above the sea level. Badwater will require that we take with us a support team for the whole race, so that they will accompany us at the Death Valley where the temperature can reach 49 celsisus in the shade, until Withney Portal, one of the highest peaks in the US.
El trail de Badwater nos llevará al extremo en el Valle de la Muerte

El trail de Badwater nos llevará al extremo en el Valle de la Muerte

  1. Marathon des Sables: the Marathon des Sables is a stage-race as well as a very appealing to media event, that takes place in the desert of Morocco. Throughout its 256 kilometres in 6 stages, we will discover more about the Moroccan desert, but the race organizers will only supply us with water and a jaima to sleep at night; the rest depends on you. You can read more about this race here.

Have you ever participated or would you like to participare in any of these races? Would you liek to talk about a race that was not included in the list?


Wether if you have or you are still thinking about it, we recommend you to always wear a Safesport ID bracelet with your emergency information. Facing such a tough and extenuating race as this, it’s important to always be identified  as, in case of an emergency, the job of the medical services will be easier.



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