Jan Frodeno – The triathlete that has already won everything

Jan Frodeno – The triathlete that has already won everything

Are you a triathlon fan? Then we assume that you already know Jan Frodeno. Whether if you know him or not we are about to tell you the story (and the secrets) of the triathlete that has won everything already.

Jan Frodeno, the unexpected triathlete

Borned in Cologne, Germany, on 1981, Frodeno was raised in South Africa. It was in Cape Town where he started swimming at the age of 15, however, it was not a passion for this sport what moved him to start swimming, but the necessity, as he was a surfer. Four years later, on 2000, he fell in love with triathlon while watching the Sidney Olympic Games. Little he knew that this moment will make him become the legend that he is today.

A few months later, Frodeno was selling his bike in order to buy a flight ticket to Germany and start competing as part of their triathlon team. On 2003 he won his first medal, silver, at the European Cup and on 2007, he was sixth in the World Championship. From that moment, the Olympic Games became his goal, and his moment arrived on the Summer Games of Beijing, 2008.

Only 8 years after he discovered triathlon for the first time, Frodeno was participating in the Olympic Games of Beijing, where he rose to the top of the podium, winning the gold medal in triathlon against strong rivals such as Javier Gómez Noya, who was forth.

Jan Frodeno in Beijing 2008

Jan Frodeno in Beijing 2008

However, 4 years later, and after achieving great success in many events, Frodeno finished the Olympic Games of London in sixth position, and a year later, after winning the gold medal as part of the German team at the Triathlon World Championship, he retired.

But this was not Frodeno’s last word, at all. Sincec 2013 he has been competing in long distance triathlon in Ironman competitions, with great success. On 2014 he climbed to the third position at Hawaii’s Ironman and on 2015 he won the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

On the same year, he got one of his biggest achievements after the 2008 Olympic Games: the gold medal at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Frodeno is the first athlete ever to win both a triathlon gold medal in the Olympic Games and an Ironman World Championship.

Jan Frodeno at Ironman 2015

Jan Frodeno at Ironman 2015

So now what?

Jan Frodeno has won everything he could have win until this day, so we are really looking forward to see how he’s going to surprise us in the future. Among his recent achievments, he has pulverized the world record at Challenge Roth on 2016, reaching the finish line at 7:35:39.

Some details about Frodeno

He is married to Emma Snowsill, who won the triathlon gold medal in the same Olympics as Frodeno at Beijing 2008.

Jan says that swimming is his favourite sport, but he also has other hobbies such as beach volley, surf and (as he mentions in his website) “eating”.

For the Ironman of Hawaii on 2015 he invested 16.000 euros, a good investment keeping in mind that he won the gold medal.

Frodeno receiving the Frodeno award

Frodeno receiving the Frodeno award

Frodeno won the Laureus award, in the category of Action Sportsperson this year, in an event held in Berlin. These awards, organized by the Laureus World Sport Academy, gather the best sportspeople in the world.

Anyway, we would like to better recommend you to check Frodeno’s Facebook page and Instagram, where he is very active, and where you will find his best pictures and see what he’s up to.


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