Athletes you should follow on social media

Athletes you should follow on social media

Are you starting to train? Do you need motivation and want to make sure you’re looking after yourself properly, while also keeping up to date on how the athletes train? Then you should take a look at this list of ten athletes you should be following on social media.

Athletes you should follow on social media

Too Fat to Run?:  Fattymustrun has a challenge: to get 1 million overweight and inactive women running. In her blog, Julie provides support for larger woman who want to start (or are already) running. This blog is about empowering other women to start running and overcome their insecurities, and if you check her Twitter profile or blog, you will see that she’s making a huge change. Julie is also a motivational speaker and an author of the book “New Year, Same Me”. Check her blog here:

Lazy Girl Running:  As a runner of ultra-distance, marathons and triathlons, Laura uses her Twitter account to motivate her readers to use running as a tool to overcome limitations or difficulties. She owns a blog and has also written two books: “The Lazy Runner” and “Tricurious”. She definitely has no time to be bored!

The 5K runner: The5kRunner is a great resource for beginners to the sport. The blog, owned by 3 people, contains tips for those who are getting started in triathlon and duathlon, but also reviews on all kind of gadgets for running, especially watches. You can check their blog here: 

Randall Wharton:  Many of you can relate to Randall’s story: he started running on 2012, when he was 39 years old, overweighed and unfit. Since then, he has been counting kilometers and sharing his journey on his blog:

Athletes you should follow on social media

Mary P: maybe she’s not the one that has more followers on Twitter, but she is worth visiting (and following). Mary P. defines herself as “a bit obsessed with running”. She dedicates her blog ( to covering healthy lifestyle and running. Furthermore, Mary is currently pregnant, so you can also find great advice about pregnancy and sport in her blog and Twitter account.

Helen T_m_lynS_ville:  Helen uses Twitter, and also her blog to talk about her journey in health and fitness. Not only does she talk about races, training and healthy lifestyle, but she also shares amazing recipes as well as her own personal experiences. Since setting up HelsBels, Helen has received awards for her blog and you can read her here:

Diabetic Dad Runs: Diabetic Dad Runs has a challenge, and he’s running towards it. He passed from being just another dad sitting on the couch to actually standing up and setting a goal: to run the Marathon des Sables (or as he defines it “outrun my midlife crisis in the Sahara Desert”). You can follow his journey towards one of the hardest races in the world and his training both on his Twitter account and in his blog.

Run Shell Run: Shell is a natural motivator and coach. On her Twitter account, she shares her motivation messages for all her followers daily, but she also invites you to accompany her on her journey as she trains and prepares for her challenges. Shell is also a currently running 100 miles for Macmillan Cancer Support as well as many motivation messages for all her followers.

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What other influencers do you follow? Share your opinion with us in the comments!



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