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Martin Huber
Race Director - Salzskammergut Trophy

Hundreds of new visitors to our event web site, new fans on Facebook and free race bibs for our race....Thank you Safesport ID!

José Luis García
Race Director - Karacol Bike Festival

With the help of Safesport ID we could easily manage our online inscriptions at no cost.

How does my EXCLUSIVE RAFFLE work?

1. We set up an EXCLUSIVE raffle and you only need to send it by E-MAIL to your contact data base. We even provide you the application to do this in the most professional way. Additionally, we recommend you to publish it on FACEBOOK, Twitter and other social media. We will provide you a unique link and all the necessary material. Once started, THE RAFFLE RUNS ON ITS OWN.

2. The participants will register with their name and e-mail adress and agree that you can use them for marketing purposes. In addition to that, they become fans of your and our Facebook page.

3. All participants receive a €5 VOUCHER via e-mail.

4. The WINNERS get a €23 voucher per e-mail which they can use to order a Safesport ID BASIC bracelet including shipping cost.

5. At any time you have access to the participants list and can download it including their names and e-mail addresses.

6. The raffle duration will be 10 days and will start after you have launched the e-mailing. 

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15€ GIFT VOUCHERS for the winners, volunteers, tombola prizes etc.
A FREE SAFESPORT ID BASIC bracelet with your vital data for you as organisator (inklusive shipping)
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