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In accordance with Spanish Law 34/2002 regarding Spanish Information Society Services and electronic trade, you are now informed that this website is owned by Safe Sport Ideas, S.L., with Company Tax Number ESB-86400835, and corporate address at: Camino de Hormigueras, 115, 28031 Madrid, Spain. This company, created in accordance with Spanish laws is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid. 
The terms and conditions laid down in the following sections shall be applied to:
(i) the purchase of all  products through the websites, namely:,,,,,,, (hereinafter referred to as "Website(s)" or, individually, as “SafeSport ID store” or, and
(ii) the use of any piece of information, document, graphics, films, functionalities, music and/or other services contained in the websites.
(iii) SafeSport ID websites navigation.


Privacy Policy

In accordance with Spanish Law 15/1999 (LOPD) regarding Personal Data Protection Safe Sport Ideas S.L. informs you that specific personal data may be required for the use of certain services available on the PORTAL, and these will be added to our database files. In addition, we would like to inform you that our files are legally entered on the General Registry of Personal Data belonging to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The present privacy policies are governed by legislation exclusively applicable in Spain, with all nationals and non-nationals using the PORTAL being subject to said legislation.

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. considers that when you agree to send your personal details, either by using the form on this website or by e-mail, you are giving us your express authority and consent for the treatment and incorporation of said details into our corresponding automated files, albeit in a revocable and non-retrospective way, and that you accept the conditions set out below. Your details will be treated with maximum confidentiality and in compliance with all the requirements demanded by the 15/1999 Law for the Protection of Personal Data.

The details we ask you for are those appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary to serve the purpose for which they are collected, and under no circumstances are you obliged to provide them. Likewise, this certifies that the data you send to us is correct and pertinent to the service offered.

The PORTAL collects your personal data with the aim of sending you the requested information or clarification, or to express any doubts you might have. The inclusion of any personal data in your e-mail implies your authorization for us to incorporate said personal data in our corresponding commercial files, which will be regulated by the here present privacy policies.

The user retains the right of free access to our files at any time in order to consult, rectify, or cancel his/her personal data from our files according to the legal established terms. To exercise this right, we may be contacted by the corresponding contact form in the “Contact” section. Personal legal identification documentation will be requested.

Safesport Ideas S.L. would like to inform you that your data is treated confidentially and used exclusively internally and for the aims indicated. Under no circumstances will your personal details be passed on to third parties, unless expressly authorized by the user.

In order to keep your details up to date, it is important to inform us of any change. If not, we cannot be held responsible for their veracity. It is considered that if you do not expressly cancel your personal data from our files, you as a user remain interested in forming part of said files until such time as Safe Sport Ideas S.L. considers appropriate, as long as the use remains in keeping with the ends for which the data was originally obtained.

This website does not use cookies or any other means of gathering information on the users' surfing habits.

Safe Sport Ideas response to the trust placed in us, and bearing in mind the importance which your personal details require in terms of protection and confidentiality, hereby informs you that it has adopted all the measures of a technical and organizational nature necessary to safeguard their security, as demanded by the Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007 regulating security measures for automated files containing data of a personal nature. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that security measures on the internet are not impregnable.

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. cannot be held responsible for the treatment of your personal details by websites which may be accessed using the various links contained on the PORTAL.

Safesport Ideas S.L. may modify these privacy policies in order to adapt them to any legislative or legal measures that may be imposed in the future, and therefore asks you to read them each time you provide us with details via the PORTAL.


In making this website available to the user, our intention is to offer a series of quality services and content, applying maximum diligence in both the provision of these services and in the technological means employed. However, we cannot be held responsible for the presence of viruses or other elements which might in any way damage the user's computer system, documents and files.

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. does not guarantee the exactitude, veracity or validity of the content available on the PORTAL, be they its own, that of third parties or linked to other websites, and absolves itself completely from any responsibility deriving from the use of the same.

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. does not guarantee the correct functioning regarding the availability or continuity of the PORTAL. As far as it is possible, we shall attempt to inform the user of any interruption in the service and to rectify it as quickly as possible. However, Safe Sport Ideas S.L. absolves itself of any responsibility deriving from the incorrect functioning of or interruptions to the PORTAL.

The user assumes all responsibilities deriving from the use of the PORTAL, being the sole person responsible for all the direct or indirect effects that from the PORTAL may be derived, including, in an expository and non-limiting way, all economic, technical and/or legal adversities, as well as the disappointment of expectations created by the PORTAL, obliging the user to indemnify Safe Sport Ideas S.L. for any claims deriving, directly or indirectly, from such events.

Access to our website may involve the use of cookies. We use these tools to obtain statistics on the use of our website and in order to improve navigation. To learn about the configuration of cookies, you can check your navigator's instructions manual  or enter

Website use

1. Accessing the web page or completing any of the forms therein shall not entail the commencement of a contractual relation with Safe Sport Ideas S.L.

2. Access to certain website sections is restricted for product buyers. Said sections are duly marked, and you must accept the general terms and conditions of sale as a mandatory requirement to access the latter.

3. The various elements on this web page, and the website as a whole, are protected by European laws as regards intellectual and industrial property. Those brands, tradenames, distinctive signs, photographs, designs, texts and customized products appearing on the website are owned by Safe Sport Ideas S.L. or by third parties with which said company has signed an agreement, being the disclosure through any means of the aforementioned contents utterly forbidden, as well as its use for commercial or public purposes.

4. If users download material for personal or non-commercial use, they shall keep all copyright and trademark notices (for example, if they wish to refer to the website in a personal blog). In any case, the use of SafeSport ID's logo requires prior authorization from the said company.

5. Safe Sport Ideas S.L. does not assume any responsibilities for damages that may be caused to the users’ equipment as a result of their navigation through this website, including, if relevant, damages caused by computer viruses.

6. Safe Sport Ideas S.L.  does not offer any guarantees as to the solving of functioning errors or update of contents.

7. We remind you that:
- Collection of personal data performed through this website is ruled by the conditions stated in the electronic forms you complete, as well as by the provisions established in the “Privacy Policy” section.
- The purchase of any product in this website requires you to accept the general terms and conditions of sale.


General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Object

 The following terms and conditions regulate the purchase of products through the websites:,,,,,, and

This contract, in compliance with Spanish law, will be formalized into the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Reading and acceptance of these terms and conditions is the essential requirement for us to attend your order.


2. Placing an order/Making a purchase

To place an order through our websites, the user must be over 14 and have an e-mail address it provides as contact detail to process its order. The user will also have to provide a physical address to send the products it buys.

The smooth running of the portal requires the user to configure its browser to admit cookies and pop-ups.

By clicking the button 'Confirm order', the user's application will be sent to Safe Sport Ideas S.L., and then, a purchase confirmation will appear on the website, including order number and details.

A purchase confirmation copy will be also sent to the user's e-mail address.


3. Conditions for not accepting an order

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. reserves the right to cancel any purchase (of an order previously accepted by us), not being responsible for any damage or expense in case of the following situations:

  • The product is not available/ it is not in stock (in this case, the user has the option of refund the purchase or waiting until the product is in stock again).
  • The user's billing address information is not right or it could not be verified.
  • Our security systems mark the user's order as abnormal or it could be fraudulen
  • We have reasons to believe the user is under 14.
  • We were not able to perform the delivery at the address the user provided us.


4. Price/Payment

4.1 Methods of payment

The available methods of payment appear at the FAQ/Methods of payment page. If the user tries to make the payment through different ways, Safesport id is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the user.

4.2 Prices and currency

The product prices shown on the webpage are inclusive of Valued Added Tax (VAT). Shipping costs are applied to every order. Exact shipping costs depend on the country the order should be delivered. If you need further information about shipping costs and countries, please check the 'Delivery' page on the website.

Prices could be expressed in Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds. Anytime the delivery country is changed while surfing any of the websites, or while using the Cash, prices could be expressed into a different currency since then. If the user's residence country currency is different from that shown on the prices and it makes a purchase, its bank will apply the interest rate of the purchase date.

4.3 Price changes

Prices appearing on the websites are subject to changes. We do reserve the right to change prices without prior warning.


5. Item customization (IDs)

It is possible to create an ID over customizable items through a combination of letters, spaces and numbers. We do reserve the right to refuse contents we consider to be inappropriate or ilegal.

If the customized message is, according to our opinion, inacceptable, your order could be immediately rejected or your purchase could be rejected subsequently. In this case, you will receive a notification by e-mail. Safesport id reserves the right to cancel any ID as it receives them.


6. Transport and delivery

6.1 Delivery: where and when

We perform our products deliveries from our factory Mondays to Fridays, except bank holidays, and we use the transport and logistic provider the user wrote at the 'Shipping method' page.

Check this page to see the list of countries where Safesport id performs deliveries.

6.2 Delivery time

Customized items take 1 to 3 working days to be manufactured. Then we have to add the delivery time. The delivery times shown in our webpage are average times, they depend on every delivery country and on the performance of the chosen logistic provider. These times are out of control of Safesport id and we are not responsible for the delivery time of the logistic provider.

6.3 Delivery in installments

We try to perform your order delivery in one single step anytime we find it possible. We reserve the right to divide your order delivery if (but not limited to), for example, part of your order is delayed or is not available. In the event we have to divide your order, we will inform you of our intention by sending you an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided by the time you performed the purchase. We will not charge you any additional expense.


7. Devolutions and Cancellations

7.1 Cancellation of an order after being issued

The user will be able to cancel any non customized product order for free and without any explanation anytime the order has not been issued.

7.2 Devolution of products after being issued - faulty products

The user will be able to return faulty products issued or products that do not correspond with your order as it receives them (for example, if the color is not the one it ordered or if the text on the ID is not the one it pointed out). The devolution will be admitted within 1 month after the order reception. If your product is customized, you must check if the customized text is the one you pointed out at the purchase process.

In case your claim is justified, we will refund the purchase amount and the shipping costs or we will send a new product according to the user's requirements. If you wish to get practical information about the devolution and refund conditions, check our website FAQs page.

In the event of non customized products, the user will be able to give up the purchase without justifying any cause, although the product is not faulty, within the 7 working days after the purchase reception.

To obtain practical information about devolution conditions, check our website FAQs page.


8. Availability

All order processing through the websites is subject to item availability. We try to guarantee that all our products on sale are in stock. However, we do reserve the right to refuse any order, or to cancel the confirmed orders, with products that are not in stock. In such a case, we would inform you through e-mail and we would refund any payment you could have made.


9. Offer validity

The website offers are valid only by the time they appear on the website, unless a determined period is specified.


10. Responsibility

10.1 Safe Sport Ideas S.L. is only responsible for the damages in case such damages come from any failure by Safe Sport Ideas S.L. to comply with the contract duties it could have with You or in case the Safe Sport Ideas S.L. responsibility comes from applicable law. The maximum refund for the damages, in such a case, will equal the purchase amount of the products.

10.2 We are not responsible at any case for the information content on the ID plaques the customer showed, for the information to correspond the features of the person wearing them, and for the proper use of the information engraved on the ID plaques by third parties.

10.3 Safe Sport Ideas S.L. does not assume any responsibility for the damages caused to third parties coming from the use of any of our products. We are not responsible for the damages it could cause owing to the inappropriate use of any of our products.


11. Applicable law

These general terms and conditions, and any dispute arising with respect to these general terms and conditions, including its validity, or with respect to the use of the website(s) or any purchase performed in them will be governed by the Spanish Law.

Data Protection

Data submitted by the user during the purchase process, the filling of any contact forms or when contacting the website’s owner through any means, shall be incorporated into a file for which Safe Sport Ideas S.L. shall be responsible.
The aforementioned data shall be used to process the purchase or attend to the users’ requests.
Forms may have a specific clause, providing further information on the treatment of your data, or requesting your consent for Safe Sport Ideas S.L. advertising material to be sent to you.
Access to Safe Sport Ideas S.L.’s websites may entail the use of cookies. These tools are used to obtain statistics on our website’s use and to improve navigation. Cookies are files sent to a navigator by means of a web server in order to record a user’s activity while navigating. It is necessary to activate the cookie reception option on your navigator in order to complete the  purchase process.

Safe Sport Ideas S.L. has enabled the necessary internal mechanisms to attend to requests of access, rectification, cancellation or objection sent by the data owners. If you wish to exert said rights, contact us by means of the contact form in our website.?