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Xavi Marina - Trail RunningI haven't taken off my Safesport ID since I ordered it. It is always with me on the most extreme races.
BIO Races & Challenges
Xavi Marina 1st. Rovaniemi Ultra 150k 2015, Finland
Trail Running 2nd. Ice Ultra 230kms 2014, Polar Artic Circle
Blanes, Spain 2nd. Jungle Ultra 250k 2014, Peru
1979 - Blanes, Spain 1st. Jerusalem to the sea 125k 2013, Israel
1'76m / 66kg 5th. UTAT 105kms 2012, Morroco
SUP, Surf, Triathlon 2nd. Jungle Marathon 250k 2010, Brasil
My website 2nd. Himalaya rage stage 100mille 2006, India
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