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Jules Henry Gabioud - Trail RunningComfortable and light...The Safesport ID bracelet is perfect, it identifies me and I don't even notice I am wearing it.
BIO Races & Challenges
Jules Henry Gabioud 1st. Trail Verbier 2014, Switzerland
Trail Running 1st. UTAT 2014, Morroco
La Fouly / Switzerland 2nd. Annapurna Mandala Trail 2013, Nepal
1987, Sion - Switzerland 3rd. Gran Trail Valdigne 2012, Italy
1’87m / 70kg 1st. Tor des geants 2011, Italy
Skimo, Cycling, Mountaineering 10th. CCC 2011, France
My website 15th. Grand Raid Réunion 2010, France
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