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Bea García - Trail RunningWearing a Safesport ID medical bracelet is the best choice for me. In case of trouble, first responders will know about my diabetes.
BIO Races & Challenges
Bea García 1st. Spanish Woman to finish all 4 deserts races
Trail Running (Atacama - Gobi - Sahara - Antarctica )
Barcelona, Spain 4th. The Track Outback Race 2015. Australia
1981 - Barcelona, Spain 1st. Ultra Tabernas Desert 2014, Spain
1,68 / 59Kg 2nd. The Last Desert 2014, Antarctica
Bike, Ski, Trekking 4th. Androrra Ultra-Trail Iniciatic 2011, Andorra
My website Finisher Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 170k, France
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